I come from Resistencia, Argentina’s Sculpture Capital, where I grew up surrounded by public art, and I have a profound appreciation for what it can mean for a society.  As a tourism planner, I spent two years creating and leading a city tour for the Biennale International to highlight some of the city’s 650 public sculptures.

Early in my career, I trained and worked as a commercial window designer, learning how to use specific details to create esthetically impactful displays that would make the public audience stop and take a moment to absorb a message. I later worked as an event designer, executing large scale public events, including private and public commissions, art exhibitionsfashion shows, and civic paradesI learned to balance the visually impactful with the pragmatic and functional, including how to design set pieces that the public can engage and interact with in a meaningful way

I focused on the primary theme of my overall body of work, dating back to my time in Argentina: explorations of strong female characters. I grew up in the powerful presence of my paternal grandmother and my motherTheir tenacity and determination have always inspired me in my artistic expression and have been captured in some form or other in all of my work. However, I found that with my new Canadian experiences, my image of these women began to morph as well. I saw so much of the dignity in the experience of these new migrants  as being tied to the powerful role of women . 

As a visual artist, I have been able to study and exhibit my artwork in various cities, including Washington, DC; Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Paris, France. I have done public art commissions for the Canadian Embassies in Colombia that involved creating large site-specific sculptures for events and festivals. I also started my own pop-up gallery in Bogota to provide venues for emerging and established artists to show and market their work; there I curated a number of exhibitions and worked with local artists. 

Las nueve lunas representan el periodo de la concepcion humana hasta la natalidad. En esta nueva serie busque situaciones y conceptos relacionados con este transcendental momento en la vida de una mujer y en cada uno de nosotros al ser consebidos por ellas.

Many thanks to Mark Turzanski, Michelle Tait, and Annick Amyot for taking many of the photos you see on this site.


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