The Queen

Throughout this series, I moved from figurative to cubism which I feel is the technique I will use more in my next series.  When I started painting, my main thought was, “What to paint?”  I found the woman, as subject matter, the best way to express many possibilities.  It’s this focus on woman as “queen” that is the subject matter of my series.  I am trying to tell the story of women in the many different situations they are put in by society.  I want to be able to catch the qualities, the values, the essence, the beauty and the circumstances that women have had to endure throughout history.

This exhibition was first shown in 2010 at Tryst Gallery in Washington, DC.  The exhibit curator wrote: “In Latin culture, the significant place the mother holds cannot be overstated/  The woman is in focus in every aspect of society.  Hers is a covert, low-key focused around which t he entire society revolves.  She is the long-suffering one with unique spiritual qualities.  She is the one that brings stability to upheaval in much of Latin American society.  In fact, her place in the Latin world view has strong religious overtones.  The widespread devotion to Mary throughout Latin America is closely linked with the role of the woman and mother.”

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